# My Daily Drivers

These are the things which is use for my day-to-day development. Starting with the Operating System, I have used Windows for nearly 6 months, in my initial days, and then switched to Ubuntu, which i have used for nearly a year.

And for 1 year, i have used Arch Linux. It is a linux distro which is most bleeding edge, in terms os kernel version, feature etc. But since then i am using Windows, mostly due to some requirements in developing desktop applications.

This is my tweet when i switched to arch linux, it was not easy.

Screenshot of tweet showing my arch install

It took me 45 minutes to just connect to wifi, I was prepared for future!. Since then it is working fine, though i have to install lots of packages, like package for fonts and many more.

This is my current neofetch

Screenshot of neofetch command on my arch os

With the Kernel version 6.4.3. I don't know any linux distro will give this latest version of kernel.

Few arch linux stuff what i wrote on my github gist, which help while i was setting up is here

# Arch + i3

I use i3wm (window manager) on my Arch, as Arch does not come with its own desktop environment.

My i3wm config is here

Some image of i3 are...

Screenshot of i3wmScreenshot of i3wm

# vim + vscode

I use vim (not neovim) and vscode in mix, cause either i am just editing some files or writing entire project, I that case vim + vscode suits for need. Though i need vim key bindings in vscode.

My vim config file is here

# /etc

Tmux for terminal multiplexer, Neomutt for email client, zathura for pdfs, zsh as shell, urxvt as terminal.

Config of everything above is KunalSin9h/.dotfiles

...will add more in future, see you soon :)